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There is a new Butcher in town!

The new world order, the new Europe! The new Croatia!

Germany , Nazi , Fascist , Islam, Hitler, Mussolini , SS Skenderberg etc etc. They were all part of this new world order of a Europe that would become part of the democratic Third Reich, part of a democracy where everyone who obeys, everyone who show their bloodlust and destructive imagination are awarded with " The Fuhrer`s " "Heil and smile". The greatest ass-lickers may even have shared bed with the Führer and today they belong to the ruling elite in this third reich.

The ass-lickers innovative ideas seemed to never end. The “Juden” has to be destroyed. Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor, Maly Trostenets, Chelmno, Belzec, Jasenovac  are a few of the innumerable extermination camps created , laboratory mouse could be replaced with the Jew in all further medical research. All disgusting opponents of this bright European future will meet the same destiny as the Juden. Into this new realm and this new EUROPE now also the Croat Ustasha are welcomed.

To adapt to this new realm, The Ustasha never wanted to be to much inferior to the master race.  The Ustasha creates Jasenovac and  a lot of other exclusive holiday villages in its effort to show the Fuhrer It`s highest desire to be accepted as one of the best slaves in the Third Reich.

The Business idea of this holiday-camp is quite simple. A third of the Serbs must convert to Roman Catholics , one-third shall be expelled and the last third will be exterminated.

Not only Serbs, Russians, Greeks and Gypsy ; but anyone who is a friend of the Jew and have a desire to be exposed to various joyful torture and extermination are welcome at these holiday camps.

To make these holiday camps even more attractive, the women and especially CHILDREN are very welcome. The Holiday camps are also very helpful in various medical researches. For the research of humanity for instance, you find out exactly how tough a 2-year-old's skull is by simply taking this kid and swing around a few turns and then toss it head first into a wall. This particular research concludes that the Serb is hard-headed.

Researchers also wonder how long a Serb can endure pain. Here the research friends "The Muslims" are used, having an interesting method which requires more testing. For this method which was widely used by the Ottoman Empire ; a sharp stick is used and pressed up the Serb butt, carefully pressing the stick alongside the spine and try not to damage vital organs in the body, and squeezing out the top of the stick through the shoulder on the side of the head. The other end of this stick is secured in the ground and now start the betting amongst the scientists about how long the impaled Serb will live. The winner may get the pleasure of raping an optional virgin and maintain revenue from the sale of organs of the same.

In these holiday-camps people also have lots of fun. For instance sometimes soccer is played and the lucky player who can guess the nationality of the head used as ball, may as a reward get a highly coveted collector's item, which is a necklace made of roasted Serb child-balls.

An old instrument originating from the Islamic Ottoman empire is given new life and new name by the Croat Ustasha: “The Serbcut" A modern innovative glove that comes in handy when cutting Serb throats.

There are also a huge number of girls and women in these holiday camps. So many in fact, that the Ustasha did not have time to give all of them emediate attention. The women who were not fortunate enough to get raped and tortured, get to enjoy the "Serbcut" instead.

The whole concept of these holiday camps seem to be a huge success for the Croat Ustasha. Sale of souvenirs such as , Serb-skin and ear-necklace took momentum. Eye-soup, Serb-pie, Serbfat and Serbham, was also very popular. Only the sale of left over organs gave huge revenue which could be invested in the business expansion.

Certainly most, if not all of this was taken into account when the decision was made to accept the new sadistic democracy into the corrupt bureaucracy of the humanitarian hate-mongers of the Third Reich!

The New Croatia is welcomed to the New world order, to the New Europe!

By Den Galna Serben
Advisor to Asteric & Obelic and knight of the army against sharia and Nazi!


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  7. Rape! The(In)human shame!! Jan 28, 1992. Sisak Croatia.  I left Germany on 26 January. On 28 January we were stopped by [Croat] police on the highway, a few kilometres away from Sisak [Croatia]; they checked our passports and six of us, four girls and two men, all young, were forced to step out. The driver was told to drive on. He complained and he was beaten and maltreated and eventually had to leave without us.
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  11. Ante Pavelic, Ustasha Fuehrer. In the history of the mankind it is difficult to find monsters comparable to Ustashe, homegrown Croatian fascists. It was only fifty years ago. Bosnian mountains as well as mountains of Serbian Krajina are still echoing the shrieks of hundreds of thousands of innocent victims. They were slaughtered in the most gruesome ways just because they were Serbs, Jews or Gypsies.
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  13. Croatian Death Camps! Crimes does pay!"The omission of Croatia from the conventional Holocaust studies is like a book whose first chapter is torn out”…Jonathan Steinberg, Professor of Modern European History, Harvard&Cambridge University

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