lördag 15 mars 2014

Asteric & Obelic about Democracy!

Democracy is a term the Mafia ideology of Master Weapons & Money-honey is in title to use in its effort to drive its representative to the head of the ruling and decision-making organisations in a society.

Once the Mafia representative reach this goal, he will have the democratic right to institute laws of the Mafia Ideology.

Democracy is the right to institute laws enabling legal suckout of the poor. In a democratic spirit, the democratically elected Mafia leader may declare economic dictatorship.

In a Democracy Asteric & Obelic have the right to chose between a leader who will use police-brutality to take their shljivovitsa savings, and the leader who will use a more modern humanitarian bombing aproach.

Asteric & Obelic has the right to shut up, and also the right to be fucked in a democracy. And they have the right of public demonstrations demanding the right to shut up while being fucked.

Democracy is a headache

Asteric & Obelic decides to enjoy the magic of the shljivovitsa instead!

Den Galna Serben

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