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Asteric & Obelic about multiethnic society!


 A multicultural society can only function when you manage to integrate "Multi" with the Swedish culture. The Swedish culture , law and the Swedish society must be respected and accepted. The Serbs Asteric and Obelic are living in the Swedish society since 1960:s. The Swedish industry needed reliable and loyal manpower. The Swede simply went home to Asteric & Obelic who then lived in a country called Yugoslavia in Southern Europe , and asked the couple to come to Sweden and be part of building up the Swedish welfare state .

Asteric & Obelic knew well the Swedish Serbia since the ancestors preserved the stories of ancient Asteric o Obelic wandering off to the most nordic parts of the Serbian Land. Ancient Asteric & Obelic got a bunch of kids with their Amazons and these children chose to call their birthplace for Serbvik (later Svea rike , and today Sweden ) , and themselves Serbviks and eventually the Vikings .

Having the descendants of the ancient Serb now come to visit, get Asteric & Obelic to burst into such a joy crazies that druid Grujo must pick up the sacred potion Sljivovica for the couple to cool their senses . After taking a couple of pots potion and some roasted boar, Asteric & Obelic decide to adopt the Swede's proposal and the day after they start travel to the northernmost parts of the ancient Serb country known today as Sweden .

In the beginning Asteric & Obelic tries to explain to the Serbian Swede that he must speak Serbian so the whole world can understand what he says. But after a while they give up and let the Serbian Swede prattle on with his incomprehensible dialect. Or as Obelic puts it "If He can not speak Serbian, it may not be very important he has to say ." We got here to start building people's wellfare and so it was just to roll up our sleeves and start sweating.

The Serbs were working on and behaved, adapting to this northern culture. He even joins in to the celebration of the Serbian druid santavic . A custom that these northern Serbian Swedes have embraced . Today , he is apparently called Santa . Also, this northern Serbian Swede have obvious problems with timechronology . He celebrates the Serbian druid Jesus Christic birth as the beginning of this world. Asteric & Obelic have nothing against this tradition since it only gives reason to pick up the sacred potion Sljivovica more often.

Asteric and Obelic become friends with Rune Serbianson. As soon as the opportunity arises they visit Rune and offers the sacred potion , wild boar steak and cevapcici . Rune seems to be pretty poor as he usually eat a fish that in some mysterious way, have turned sour in all the closed canned food. Obelic seems to like this smelly fish but , Obelic fell into the cauldron with the sacred potion when she was very small, since then she is eating and drinking anything.

Obelic & Asteric children , Asteric and Obelic attend school and begin rambling with an equally incomprehensible dialect as the Northern Serbian Swede . Serb and Swede children socialize and exchange Sljivovica and the Swedish miracle drink Moonshine with each other.

Time passes and the Swedish welfare state is realized so much that the Serbian Swede decide to bring in a new people called refugee. This refugee may come here and be taken care of by the people's welfare system . The Serb think it is ok to try to help this refugee who apparently did not speak Serbian where he lived previously . The Refugee speak a dialect that sounds like when Obelic have a pair of underwear in the jaw. This refugee belongs to a sect called Islam . And this sect apparently tortures children by cutting their genitals . - No wonder they have to flee , said Obelic .

This refugee seems very randy as evidenced by the birth of a lot of mini refugee. The Amazon this refugee mate with are either extremely beautiful or look like a monster . No one knows because this refugee Amazon is completely covered in a sack refugee calls burqa . It does not appear that this ethnic group refugee would adapt to the northern Serbian Swede rules. They do not socialize well with the north Serbian Swede , but they love to mate with the North Serbian Swedish Amazon. This Refugee seems to be a very angry group of people and do not want the Swede to insist on their rules and Swedish culture. The Swede agrees to tone down its northern Serbian Swedish tradition. And let refugee mistreat their Amazons and maintain their own tradition " honor killings ." The various political sects in the northern Serbian Sweden are competing to see who can satisfy refugee most and best .

The Swede is now joining the egocentric , elitist Union (EU) and transferring power to the Master of Guns & Mony honey . When this union was led by shwabo ( nemac , Germanic ) , German then this leader determines that Yugoslavia will cease to exist. Since the Serbs have a dangerous weapon in the sacred potion Sljivovica, the Shwabo determine the Serb must be eradicated .

A pact starts to form , EUSA , Nazi NATO, the Ustasha and Sharia are now ganging up against the dangerous potion drinking Serb . The pact is called Master of guns & Mony honey EUSA Incorporated. Somehow, even the northern Serbian Swede have been persuaded to fight the Serb and Swedish political druids begins with the Swedish media machine its witch hunt against Asteric and Obelic . There seems to be no rules in this witch hunt. The Swedish political druid is incredibly creative in his efforts to be accepted by Master of Guns & Money Honey . Even the Islamic world must realize how clever the North Serbian Swedish political druid is . Statements such as " genocide", " Serb war criminal " gives lots of extra points , and the Swedish political druid can get a caress on the buttock of a high ranking Taliban as gratitude. Master of guns & Mony honey can even send Christmas cards as appreciation for the wise efforts in the violent rhetoric armed smear campaign against the Serbs .

Swedish politicians must find other ways to fish for votes from the Islamic population in Sweden. Swedish politicians should renounce their membership in the brown nose sect which is an association for all CIA Wannabees . All immigrants in Sweden will accept a Sweden that cherish its culture, identity and dignity. A Sweden which does not inspire false hopes. A Sweden who dare to be Swedish with all its inhabitants without running with false advertising of communities within the society. Only with such CLARITY in its policies , will Sweden have a multicultural society where all residents can proudly call themselves Swedes . A society where Asteric & Obelic in peace , proudly can take its sacred potion Sljivovica .

By Den Galna Serben

lördag 15 mars 2014

Eternal Shame!

Asteric & Obelic on:
International Democracy
Shame And Hypocrisy

Kosovo and Metohija - the future of Europe!

Come visit! Take a sniff down memory lane.
We have brown powder, white powder and we have lady-snow cocaine.
We have absolutely the best world class grass
and ready made packages for your smuggle convenience that you can put up your ass.

If you need a new hip,
hurry up and book your trip!
You can change your kidney today
or you can change it at the end of your stay!

Choose from a number of freshly harvested organs from different nationalities.
A Serbian heart, a Greek liver, a Bulgarian arm,
a wrinkle-free christian-orthodox head or a package already made,
containing a mix of gypsy kidneys and lungs from the streets of Belgrade.

If you are a man and have no balls,
we have a variety displayed on our walls.
Book now and you will get two for one - for the price of three!
We´ll even throw in a girl, dead or alive is something that we can not guarantee,
almost virgin with a written and signed declaration that she has not been raped more then once,
but at least she comes for free!

Numerous fieldtrips also included for free, we will be looting, burning, lynching and rob
and we want to let you be part of that lucky mob.

Stay at the worlds biggest hotel and recreation spa – Hotel Bondsteel.
With delicious food and drinks for whenever you need a meal,
with the airport just around the corner of Clinton Avenue and Albright street,
and cool aircons to help you avoid the heat.

Take a trip and learn hypocrisy
Come on! Take a trip to our new democracy
You will learn how to become brave
by destroying a few churches and killing a Serbian grave

Take a trip to Kosovo and Metohija,
once the cradle of Serbia with a history of fame
Now disturbia turned into devils lavatory,
Albanian glory
And United Nations Eternal Shame

Den Galna Serben

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  1. Kosovo Killers, Part 1. "U.S. and German special forces knew that Serbs had been kidnapped in 1999. As they didn't do anything to fix the situation, we should assume they also were involved in the trafficking network." -"Enough facts had been dug up to indict Kosovo's former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, current head of state Hashim Thachi and other prominent Albanians."
  2. The Boy From The Yellow HouseI watched corps being cut by saw "Live people were wrapped in barbed wire and thrown down the hills".
  3. Media and official evidence of “butchering” Slavic people in Kosovo for human organs- Why the West ignored these atrocities !?
  4. Humanitarian Ethnic Cleansing: Pogrom 2004 Is this a sign of civilized society and multiethnic democracy announced by Kosovo Albanians leaders? Prizren (All Prizren churches were destroyed on March 17 and March 18) 
  5. BERKLEY Professor Killed by Albanian mob Kosovo 1999 On November 29 a Serb Professor Dragoslav Basic, a former Fulbright scholar who had studied and taught at the University of California at Berkeley was killed by enraged Albanian mob in the streets of Pristina. Beside him his wife and mother-in-law were seriously wounded. At the end of this frightening linch scene their car was set on fire.
  6. June 20, 1986 Kosovo Serbs Flee en masse! At the end of June 1986, the whole Serbian village of Batusa fled from the village to seek refuge in front of the unabated terror. 
  7. Attacking the dead!  December 4,1984 Grave Desecration is one of the methods the Albanian Terrorists use to get rid of the Serbs
  8. Nine year old raped by Albanian neighbour Kosovo 1983. Serbian father carries his 9 year old daughter, shortly after she was raped by Albanian neighbors in 1983, in Kosovo Rape as an Instrument of Terror Albanian separatists
  9. The Horror faith of Babic brothers 1983 Kosovo. In the village of Dolac, near Klina, the Babic brothers were first stabbed with knives, then, as they were returning from the fields, some Albanians ambushed them.
  10. Albanians brake arm of Abbess, Mother Paraskeva 1982 Srbica, Kosovo. It is not possible to enumerate all the sufferings inflicted upon Paraskeva, the Abbess of the monastery of Devic. Mother Paraskeva has only one arm; the Albanians broke that arm so she can no longer make the sign of the cross.
  11. Raping a Nun is NOT Rape (Albanian Police, Kosovo 1982) a Roman Catholic nun from Croatia came to stay with the nuns as their guest.
  12. After 30 attempts, Kosovo Serb Miodrag Saric Killed. Kosovo Serb Miodrag Saric on July 3, 1982 in the village of Mece near Djakovica, 40 miles southwest of Pristina, was killed in his own back yard at the thirtieth attempt on hislife.
  13. Danilo Milincic: June 2, 1982 i Samodreza, Kosovo. Milinčić Danilo (born in 1960. village Samodreža , Vučitrn - killed on June 2, 1982 . was a Serb from Kosovo who was brutally murdered by neighbors of Albanian nationality June 2, 1982. On his own property cowardly shot in the heart.
  14. Appeal! Stop The Ethnic cleansing in Kosovo!  April 16, 1982. Kosovo. 21 Serbian priests and monks addressed an appeal to the Yugoslav government that focused on the human rights violations against Kosovo Serbs in Kosovo:
  15. Entire Serb Family Expelled from Kosovo. In 1974 the Albanians expelled the brothers Vojin and Velimir Soskic, together with 17 members of their family, from the village of Papracani near Decani; having beaten them up at the well, they forced them to leave with threats and violence.
  16. Evil Doings! & Continued Ethnic Cleansing: Srbica, Kosovo 1971. Ljubomir Vucinic was forced out of the village of Ljubovac near Srbica in Kosovo. Another 80 Serbian families were driven out and only six families remained there. They were all forced out by threats, barrages of stone-throwing and the firing of guns around their houses at night.
  17. Albanians Kill Priest in Kosovo! 1941 Srbica. Monastery Devic suffered the greatest devastation during World War II. Albanians destroyed and burned the monastery in 1941, and savagely killed Damaskin Boskovic, 
  18. Confirmed by German Network TV: German Intelligence and the CIA supported Al Qaeda sponsored Terrorists in Yugoslavia
  19. Kosovo Today. The situation of Serbs and non Albanians in Kosovo 2013 and until now

  1. Crime Without Punishment! Kosovo 2004... 20-40 000 NATO troops NOT able to prevent ethnic cleansing and destruction in a small area which they occupy? BULLSHIT!!!!!! This is NATO approved Ethnic cleansing.What is there to say..? watch and you decide if this is civilisation or something else
  2. Anatomy Of A Crime! Organ theft in Kosovo (sometimes also known as the "yellow house" case) refers to alleged organ harvesting and killing of an indeterminate number of "disappeared" people.
  3. Hushed up Kosovo war crimesPeople all over the world keep saing "NEVER AGAIN" .... NOW ITS HAPPENING AGAIN... and the very same people are very silent... Silence supports MONSTERS and MONSTERS are ABOVE THE LAW.....
  4. Kosovo Kidnapped and murdered 1-3. Soon to be introduced on a stock market near youHumanitarian Democratic values at work in Kosovo and Albania! i guess when theysaid never again, they meant never any Serb to survive again.... (!) 
  5. Kraj (The End) Year of production: 2007     Russian documentary „On the edge - Sentenced to exile" deals with the problem of Kosovo and Metohija. The film was aired twice on the First channel of state Russian television and has provoked great public interest. The film shows the destinies of people from Kosovo who for many years have lived in conditions of permanent fear, despair and suffering
  6. Podujevo Multiethnic democracy? March 17, 2004 is remembered by pogrom of Kosovo Serbs and it's presented everywhere as an example of the worst ethnic and religious violence committed under the UN protectorate in its history - 35 Orthodox churches and monasteries are destroyed or damaged.      
  7. What Albanians have done to KosovoWhy do we allow this? Why do the Humanitarians Use the biggest military power in the world to protect criminals such as this...?
  8. Albanian JihadThis heinous crime / massacre, one of the worst of its kind in post-war Kosovo has never been fully investigated by UNMIK police and KFOR and its perpetrators are still free today. After the terrorist attack on a Serb civilian bus (Feb 16, 2001) in which 11 people were killed (two of them children) and 40 wounded a few Kosovo Albanian suspects have been arrested by UN police. The main suspect Florim Ejupi is direcly linked to the circles of Kosovo Albanian organized crime, close to the former KLA and its successor UN/NATO sponosred Kosovo Protection Corps. Despite all security measures Ejupi ran away from the American detention facility in Camp Bondsteel. British Sunday Times reveals in its article by Bob Graham (July 29, 2001: British troops' error led to bus bomb) that "UN sources believe that Florim Ejupi had been working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). His trial would have been a serious embarrassment, they claim".
  9. Kosovo Miljana The Pain Of a Little Girl!What a sad future awaiting this child, filled with hatred in the heart .:-(


I apologise to Hitler, Ghingis Khan, Osama Bin Laden, Bill Clinton, Idi Amin,  Lucifer, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Habsburg Empire, Thaci,  Ustasha, Nazi, Nato, Communists, Bosnian Muslims, Mujahedin, Albanian Squiptars, Ali Baba, mufti pufti, Al Shabab, El kebab, Kermit the Frog, Donald Duck, Count Dracula, corrupt politicians, world mafia, rapists and murderers.  Next time I am approached with criminal intentions from any of you, I will try much harder to please you.

Slovenia: Your nation is lead by cowards. You fight in the same brave sissy manner as the Jihadists, pushing women and children in front of you and shooting above their heads. I am sorry that the killing of hundreds of unarmed conscripts did not help you to become brave. I truly wish for and pray that also you will be able to, in a near future, get the Nobel price for promoting bravery in the world.

Croatia: I am so sorry for all the poor Croatian Ustasha not having fulfilled their goals and dreams of exterminating all Serbs on the planet. I understand that creation and management of camp Jasenovac was such a hard work and a mental challenge of huge proportions. The failure achieving the goals of that enterprise and having reached only 700 000 slaughtered Serbs in that camp, was such an incredible pain and mental suffering on the Ustasha mind, and I am offering you my deepest sympathies. But hey, you still have the Serb-cut, the knife that you copied from the Muslims and perfected into your own weapon so that you could save bullets, that’s a performance worth being proud of. Then you also have the operation “STORM” that you can pride yourself of. You managed to kill ONLY 2000 old grandpa:s and some dangerous women and children. Sure, you weren’t able to slaughter all the Serbs in that operation and I am sorry for that, but at least now all of your secondary dream goals are fulfilled, you are totally Serb free. Don’t worry about your historical origin, I will not spread out anywhere that you are Serb having a Catholic faith and speaking Serbian. I will do anything you might request of me if only you will please……
accept my dearest apologies for not being dead yet.

NATO & EUSA:  I am sorry for not being bombed to death. Next time you want to bomb me, you should approach me first. There is no need for you to hire Albanian and Muslim spies in helping you with guiding your smart bombs. Your bombs are smart but unfortunately the Albanians and Muslims are not. You don’t have to use expensive airplanes. Simply give me the cheapest bomb that you have, show me how to detonate it and I will do that for you. Don`t worry about your depleted uranium, I will guard it with my life. I continue to do my best in helping you achieve your dreams. The mafia center Kosovo is already been handed over to you. The gay parades are being introduced..and yes, I have to applaud you for inventing such a brilliant idea of exterminating the Serbs. The Serbs are already being fucked, so if we can make sure they only get fucked in their ass then no more mini Serbs are going to be born. Brilliant!!!!
The soap “Big Brother” is another brilliant and innovative idea coming from you, and its working. The Serb is paralyzed by it and you can freely run around and take everything that we have of value in our country. The Serb is busy watching “Big Brother”. As you can see, I am doing my best to please you and hopefully the failure of your bombings will be compensated by the actions taking place now. My sincere apologies for all of the mentioned failures on my behalf and a wish for a speedy recovery of your beasty and joyful bombardments, merry Christmas and happy new invasions!!!

Squiptari (Albanians) I have no more daughters to offer your rape-campaigns.
The keys to my house are on the doorstep so you don’t need to brake the door in your attempt to steal my house. Don`t bring your own weapon to kill me since I already have a gun in my house which you can use. I will not be able to clean the gun after you shoot me so that is a problem that haunts me since I know that I am leaving such a horrible mess for you to clean. Please forgive me for not just shooting myself which I would do if I could find a way to clean the mess on the floor my blood will make after Im shot.  Right now I suffer from” post organic syndrome” which is a mental stressful illness of not having unlimited amount of organs in my body to please your demands of your organ trades. There are still a few Serbs and a few monastery`s and churches left in Kosovo. If you will let me know when you get your next desire to rape, harass and vandalize, I might even be able to help you by collecting the few Serbs left in Kosovo and have them gather in the church of your choice to burn and vandalize. You will never become a civilized nation and I am not able to help you in achieving such a goal. But hey, you have all that heroin and by using just some of it, you can become anything you want! Kosovo is not Albania, Kosovo is Serbia and I am sorry, but I will have to take it back one day,
so please forgive me for not being dead!

Muslims (Bosnjaci) I am sorry that you are so brainwashed and ignorant that you don’t know who you are. The only virgins you are meeting in your heaven will be the ass of Mohammed and Osama, and unfortunately those ass`s are not even virgin. Shame on Allah for not sending you an email about that. You have to hide your wife in a body sack and I am really sorry that you had to stone your own daughter to death because she was showing her toes. If I had any virgin daughters, I would make sure you could have them to play with in your harem. But sadly all of my virgin bitches got raped and so they are not virgins any more, shame on them!
I will let you behead me a couple of times and I hope that will please you. And if that’s not enough then you can impale me as much as you want, I will even enjoy the pain this causes. And I am truly sorry if I die to quickly and don’t suffer long enough.

I apologize for having caused all of you such horror and pain by not being dead already.
But I will NEVER apologize to ANY mother-fucker for being a proud SERB!

Den Galna Serben

News Agency!

PictureNovo Brdo, Kosovo
Asteric & Obelic News Agency!

In these modern days there is no need anymore to carve out information on stone bricks and send it out with a public announcer who will inform the population of the latest news.  Today news are put on a thin thingy called paper and you don’t even have to carve. All it takes is to splash some ink all over this paper and you eventually get news…. I don`t know, I prefer the old system, this new one, the paper is said to be made of trees..if that’s true, then how can the information on it be preserved..? the tree will rotten sooner or later.. The stone bricks will last forever.

Obelic calls me old fashioned and slow-brain due to overdose of the magic potion Shljivovitsa..hmm.. she should talk, she who fell into the pot of the very same potion when she was a baby and drank so much of the magic potion it will last for ten lifetimes and not only one.

She use to tell me “try to wipe your ass with a stone-brick.”…….(!)

Anyway news these modern-day-news-way inform us that a few of the extremely brave Serb druids who still live outside the gates are constantly being attacked by the proxies of the EUSA-empire, the Arbanasi, Albanians or as they call themselves, the Shipftar. We just call them brain-dead since they are easy to recognize in a crowd by their actions.
Obelic and I start our journey down to the south in an effort to try and find out if there is any way that we can help our fellow Serb-druids.

On our way we pass The Orthodox church and the parish house in the Babin Most village. The Priest-druid Bosko Klicaric says the church was robbed last night by unknown perpetrators. It is the third time the church, situated just outside Obilic, has been targeted by robbers. Klicaric said that he feels unsafe, demanding that the police, who rarely visit him, find the perpetrators so that the damage caused by the robbery can be redressed.

Poor man, he obviously doesn’t know that the police in these occupied areas are made up of the brain-dead….. After a couple of “Lord have mercy`s” and a lot of holy shljivovitsa, we continue our journey.

We manage to see a couple of the brain-dead exercise their new freedom of arson, and by the looks of the destroyed tombstones in the Orthodox cemetery, others are trying to kill the dead Serbs. One of the brain-dead explains to us that they are very happy today because now they have freedom and human rights. In the old days when they raped a young Serb-Amazon-bitch, they were put in jail, imagine that..(!) The successful entrepreneurship in the drug and organ harvest industry was prohibited and every time that we commit an honor killing, our freedom of movement would be restricted to that of a jail cell. Finally the Shipftars had enough, we had to revolt and demand our rights, says the brain-dead.

We leave the brain-dead still rambling about their happy days of freedom and human torturing rights behind us and continue to Djakovica, where we meet up with four lovely Serb-Amazon-Nuns.

They tell us about the situation in Djakovica:
Police and Pristina institutions of the brain-dead have banned around 120 Kosovo Serbs from visiting the graves of their loved ones on the Orthodox All Souls' Day.

According to the nuns, the movement of Serbs in KiM is being restricted for the umpteenth time in years and they are banned from visiting their homes and cemeteries.

Once again, Serbs will not be allowed to pray in the Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary in Djakovica, just as they were prevented from doing so on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Before 1999 in Djakovica there were 12,000 Serbs, today the only Serbs left in Djakovica are the ones you see here before you, the four of us, the nuns said.

“Today, Serbs are the only nation in Europe which cannot visit their churches and the graves of their deceased. Until this has been brought to an end, there will be no conditions in Kosovo for co-existence and reconciliation.

Asteric & Obelic have now collected so much information that they find it necessary to get back to their Northern fortress and quickly release all this info before some of it manage to slip through into a darkness of oblivion.

The Serb-Amazon-nuns are asked to come and stay in the Northern Fortress of the Serb Kosovo Druids, but the Nuns refuse to leave the Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary in Djakovica

Out of 12 thousand Serb inhabitants there are now four of them left. According to the Brain-Dead, all of them left because they were criminals and they also feel unfairly treated since there are no more young Serbian Amazons left to be raped. The Serbs are very unfair to us Shipftars, is the common comment of all Brain-dead.

Den Galna Serben

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The Horrible Serbs invading Krajina 1578!

Asteric & Obelic ancestor "Militar Krajinic" mobilise the Serb goat "ovan",. stops running away from his Amazon "Mamica Jebanic" and prepares his most loyal and modern transportation, the wheel-less "Magarcic Donkic", for a ruthless invasion of the "independant" country of "Croatia". Krajinic brings a couple of his pets "pigic", "Kowic" and "Dogic" just to name a few and of course the druid "fakkdapic" has to tag along and make the secret, magic weapon "Shljivovitsa". This is the secret of the Serbian success in war after war. Thousands of years the ancestors have been using this weapon of massdestruction or as our druid calls it, "Yummy Joy".

In a few weeks they reach Krajina and now starts the hunt for the Croatian Ustasha. Krajinic is running from hill to hill, climbing mountains and diving through lakes and ponds...Ustasha or even a simple Croat are nowhere to be found. Dissapointed he starts to realise that the entire Krajina is empty..............There is no ustasha to be terrorised by the savage Serb and so Krajinic settles down, starts to massacre a couple of cockroaches in deep frustration and awaits the inevitable childcreation the Amazon Mamica is going to force upon him.

During the celebration of the anscient Serbian druid "Jesus Christic", the Krajina village got visitors. Turns out its the Emperor of Habsburg and the Serbs of the Krajina village were jumping out of joy. The emperor brought an army with him and the Serbs see here a chance to finally kick some ass. However, this was not going to happen. Emperor of Habsburg explains to Krajinic that this "Krajina" is empty because its a bufferzone. The Area is administered from Vienna, but all the Serbs are welcome to stay here if they are interrested to kick some muslim ass....The serbs started to jump joyfully again realising that they will be able to fight, be killed and tortured again and maybe very soon...

The Emperor of Habsburg also pulls out a stone on which the latest news are carved out. It says "1995 is the year when the Croats will call you invaders and want you to leave". But before that you will be able to be butchered as much as you like, as long as you stay here in Krajina and defend the rest of Europe from the Muslims, said the emperor. And so, the ancestors of Asteric & Obelic stayed, got butchered, beheaded, put on wooden sticks to enjoy endless pain and some good days they were even VIP-guests in Hotel Jasenovac, but they never stopped fighting.

Today 2013, Asteric & Obelic gets secret informations from a Serb agent stationed in Himalaya beach about a top secret operation that will take place in Krajina and under the name of "Operation Storm". The agent claims source is high ranking officer of the American BJ association and the officer leaked this  top secret during a naked whipping contest in a house claimed to be white and oval.

Asteric & Obelic rushed to the Serbland called Krajina, however the Storm seemed to have passed. There was not one single Serb to be found in the entire Krajina area. Obelic twists the arm of one druling ustasha and finds out the Serbs are ethnically cleansed from this area 1995. -Thats impossible, said Obelic. But the poop - look a like Croat-Ustasha insisting. - Yes its true, but we had help. NATO and some 20 countries helped us, otherwise we woulld not be able to fullfill the operation. Obelic placing one precise kick in the manhood area of the poop look-a like and she was just about to finnish him off when Asteric managed to get a hold of her and pull her away. - It must have been some communication error and a slight delay in the information received from our secret agents, said Asteric. Krajina is TOTALLY SERB FREE now. The Serb Krajina is ethnically cleansed, all the Serb houses are burned down, valuables have been stolen by Ustasha. Did the civilised and humanitarian world lift a finger to help the Serbs? or are they involved in the cleansing? Are the Serbs brought to the Colloseum of this modern Rome, to entertain the sadistic elite as gladiators in their arena? Where is the Serb population?

With these questionmarks Asteric and Obelic returned to their Northern part of the OLD Serbland to continue the resistans against the ockupying Master Weapon & Money-honey and their Analbanian drugmaffia.

By Den Galna Serben

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The Krajina Serbs In 1578, almost a half a century before the first Pilgrims sailed to America, the Serbs were invited to settle in then desolate area of Krajina. (SEE THE MAP.) Ever since then Serbs were majority population in the region. Krajina - the Military Frontier - was a place of constant battle and the Serbs endured centuries of struggle... Atop of that, during World War II, at hands of their Croat neighbors the Serbs were subject to the most bestial genocide Europe had known. Once again, miraculously, some Serbs have survived...

One third of Communist Designed Croatia - is Serbian land
Reading Western press one gets impression that the Serbs settled in Krajina recently. The media keeps calling these Serbs "Croatian Serbs" and says that the Serbs "occupied", "grabbed", "conquered", etc. this land. As evident from any major reference book the Serbs were invited to settle in Krajina in 1578. Ever since Krajina was independent and separate entity from Croatia. Only since 1941 (during Croat Nazi occupation) and after 1945 (during Croat Communist Tito's rule) was Krajina assigned to be part of Croatia.

The Big Lie is live and well. The "Ministry of Truth" is working full speed. Orwell's fear expressed in his novel "1984" is becoming true... Very little of what is really happening in Croatia and Bosnia passes the censhorship of the Big Brother. Glitches can be found though. Here are some out of some 50, or so, articles which dared utter the truth (and that refer to the above statements):

Never Forget Jasenovac!
During WW2, the only place in Europe having special camps for children was Croatia. 
From Dec. 1941 to April 1942 In Croatia and in Jasenovac in particular, the ustasha killed 19 000 children of which the identity is known and later confirmed.

Croatian Parliament June 28, 1990
On St. Vitus day in 1990. Croatian Parliament adopted amendments to the 
Constitution that Serbs cease to be a constituent nation of Croatia. 
That was a signal for a Christalnacht and Serb hunt to start.

Vukovar, Croatia May 1991
What exactly did happen in Vukovar
A selective silence. When the British government slapped a sanctions ban on a photo exhibition showing atrocities against the Serbs, Joan Phillips went to Belgrade to get the full story

Gospic Massacre! (Croatia) Oct 1991
Between 16 and 18 October 1991, 24 Serbian civilians from Gospic in Croatia were slaughtered. Croatian forces killed the 15 men and nine women with guns, knives and sledgehammers,doused the bodies with petrol and set them on fire.

Rape! The(In)human shame!! Jan 28, 1992. Sisak Croatia
 I left Germany on 26 January. On 28 January we were stopped by [Croat] police on the highway, a few kilometres away from Sisak [Croatia]; they checked our passports and six of us, four girls and two men, all young, were forced to step out. The driver was told to drive on. He complained and he was beaten and maltreated and eventually had to leave without us.

Massacre in Sijekovac! March 25, 1992
All had begun on 25 March, when the whole Martics family had been liquidated, and when more than 20 civilians had been killed on 26 March in Sjekovac

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Ustasha Crimes Against SerbsThe Ustasha (Croatian Nazis) planned and executed a bloody war in former Yugoslavia. Their only aim was to grab as much land as they coulld by killing, exterminating and expelling the Serb population living in areas inhabited by Serb people for hundreds of years. Every attempt from the Serbs to try and show that Serbia and Serbs do not have any ambitions to start any wars and create any greater Serbia is in vain...the world is listening to the Nazi Croatia

Muslim and Ustasha Attack on Serbian Refugee convoyCroatian ustasha Black Mamba unit joined Muslim units from the Muslim 505 brigade just a couple of kilometers from Serb controlled areas which these poor refugees were trying to reach....

Genocide 1941-45 and 1991-? (1-8)Avramovic sharing her life experience and the lifetime collection of informations about Genocide on Serb population. A witness herself of the Ustasha death camps, a lawyer, survivor. She is throwing interresting punches about a little of everything. Very interresting. English subs

2007 Vatican: "Genocide against Serbs not illegal"
Cardinal Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State: “Vatican takes care of its victims”….unless they are Serbs [Orthodox Christians], Jews, and Roma.

Asteric & Obelic about Democracy!

Democracy is a term the Mafia ideology of Master Weapons & Money-honey is in title to use in its effort to drive its representative to the head of the ruling and decision-making organisations in a society.

Once the Mafia representative reach this goal, he will have the democratic right to institute laws of the Mafia Ideology.

Democracy is the right to institute laws enabling legal suckout of the poor. In a democratic spirit, the democratically elected Mafia leader may declare economic dictatorship.

In a Democracy Asteric & Obelic have the right to chose between a leader who will use police-brutality to take their shljivovitsa savings, and the leader who will use a more modern humanitarian bombing aproach.

Asteric & Obelic has the right to shut up, and also the right to be fucked in a democracy. And they have the right of public demonstrations demanding the right to shut up while being fucked.

Democracy is a headache

Asteric & Obelic decides to enjoy the magic of the shljivovitsa instead!

Den Galna Serben

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There is a new Butcher in town!

The new world order, the new Europe! The new Croatia!

Germany , Nazi , Fascist , Islam, Hitler, Mussolini , SS Skenderberg etc etc. They were all part of this new world order of a Europe that would become part of the democratic Third Reich, part of a democracy where everyone who obeys, everyone who show their bloodlust and destructive imagination are awarded with " The Fuhrer`s " "Heil and smile". The greatest ass-lickers may even have shared bed with the Führer and today they belong to the ruling elite in this third reich.

The ass-lickers innovative ideas seemed to never end. The “Juden” has to be destroyed. Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor, Maly Trostenets, Chelmno, Belzec, Jasenovac  are a few of the innumerable extermination camps created , laboratory mouse could be replaced with the Jew in all further medical research. All disgusting opponents of this bright European future will meet the same destiny as the Juden. Into this new realm and this new EUROPE now also the Croat Ustasha are welcomed.

To adapt to this new realm, The Ustasha never wanted to be to much inferior to the master race.  The Ustasha creates Jasenovac and  a lot of other exclusive holiday villages in its effort to show the Fuhrer It`s highest desire to be accepted as one of the best slaves in the Third Reich.

The Business idea of this holiday-camp is quite simple. A third of the Serbs must convert to Roman Catholics , one-third shall be expelled and the last third will be exterminated.

Not only Serbs, Russians, Greeks and Gypsy ; but anyone who is a friend of the Jew and have a desire to be exposed to various joyful torture and extermination are welcome at these holiday camps.

To make these holiday camps even more attractive, the women and especially CHILDREN are very welcome. The Holiday camps are also very helpful in various medical researches. For the research of humanity for instance, you find out exactly how tough a 2-year-old's skull is by simply taking this kid and swing around a few turns and then toss it head first into a wall. This particular research concludes that the Serb is hard-headed.

Researchers also wonder how long a Serb can endure pain. Here the research friends "The Muslims" are used, having an interesting method which requires more testing. For this method which was widely used by the Ottoman Empire ; a sharp stick is used and pressed up the Serb butt, carefully pressing the stick alongside the spine and try not to damage vital organs in the body, and squeezing out the top of the stick through the shoulder on the side of the head. The other end of this stick is secured in the ground and now start the betting amongst the scientists about how long the impaled Serb will live. The winner may get the pleasure of raping an optional virgin and maintain revenue from the sale of organs of the same.

In these holiday-camps people also have lots of fun. For instance sometimes soccer is played and the lucky player who can guess the nationality of the head used as ball, may as a reward get a highly coveted collector's item, which is a necklace made of roasted Serb child-balls.

An old instrument originating from the Islamic Ottoman empire is given new life and new name by the Croat Ustasha: “The Serbcut" A modern innovative glove that comes in handy when cutting Serb throats.

There are also a huge number of girls and women in these holiday camps. So many in fact, that the Ustasha did not have time to give all of them emediate attention. The women who were not fortunate enough to get raped and tortured, get to enjoy the "Serbcut" instead.

The whole concept of these holiday camps seem to be a huge success for the Croat Ustasha. Sale of souvenirs such as , Serb-skin and ear-necklace took momentum. Eye-soup, Serb-pie, Serbfat and Serbham, was also very popular. Only the sale of left over organs gave huge revenue which could be invested in the business expansion.

Certainly most, if not all of this was taken into account when the decision was made to accept the new sadistic democracy into the corrupt bureaucracy of the humanitarian hate-mongers of the Third Reich!

The New Croatia is welcomed to the New world order, to the New Europe!

By Den Galna Serben
Advisor to Asteric & Obelic and knight of the army against sharia and Nazi!


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  6. Gospic Massacre! (Croatia) Oct 1991. Between 16 and 18 October 1991, 24 Serbian civilians from Gospic in Croatia were slaughtered. Croatian forces killed the 15 men and nine women with guns, knives and sledgehammers,doused the bodies with petrol and set them on fire.
  7. Rape! The(In)human shame!! Jan 28, 1992. Sisak Croatia.  I left Germany on 26 January. On 28 January we were stopped by [Croat] police on the highway, a few kilometres away from Sisak [Croatia]; they checked our passports and six of us, four girls and two men, all young, were forced to step out. The driver was told to drive on. He complained and he was beaten and maltreated and eventually had to leave without us.
  8. Massacre in Sijekovac! March 25, 1992. All had begun on 25 March, when the whole Martics family had been liquidated, and when more than 20 civilians had been killed on 26 March in Sjekovac Bosnia
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  11. Ante Pavelic, Ustasha Fuehrer. In the history of the mankind it is difficult to find monsters comparable to Ustashe, homegrown Croatian fascists. It was only fifty years ago. Bosnian mountains as well as mountains of Serbian Krajina are still echoing the shrieks of hundreds of thousands of innocent victims. They were slaughtered in the most gruesome ways just because they were Serbs, Jews or Gypsies.
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