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PictureNovo Brdo, Kosovo
Asteric & Obelic News Agency!

In these modern days there is no need anymore to carve out information on stone bricks and send it out with a public announcer who will inform the population of the latest news.  Today news are put on a thin thingy called paper and you don’t even have to carve. All it takes is to splash some ink all over this paper and you eventually get news…. I don`t know, I prefer the old system, this new one, the paper is said to be made of trees..if that’s true, then how can the information on it be preserved..? the tree will rotten sooner or later.. The stone bricks will last forever.

Obelic calls me old fashioned and slow-brain due to overdose of the magic potion Shljivovitsa..hmm.. she should talk, she who fell into the pot of the very same potion when she was a baby and drank so much of the magic potion it will last for ten lifetimes and not only one.

She use to tell me “try to wipe your ass with a stone-brick.”…….(!)

Anyway news these modern-day-news-way inform us that a few of the extremely brave Serb druids who still live outside the gates are constantly being attacked by the proxies of the EUSA-empire, the Arbanasi, Albanians or as they call themselves, the Shipftar. We just call them brain-dead since they are easy to recognize in a crowd by their actions.
Obelic and I start our journey down to the south in an effort to try and find out if there is any way that we can help our fellow Serb-druids.

On our way we pass The Orthodox church and the parish house in the Babin Most village. The Priest-druid Bosko Klicaric says the church was robbed last night by unknown perpetrators. It is the third time the church, situated just outside Obilic, has been targeted by robbers. Klicaric said that he feels unsafe, demanding that the police, who rarely visit him, find the perpetrators so that the damage caused by the robbery can be redressed.

Poor man, he obviously doesn’t know that the police in these occupied areas are made up of the brain-dead….. After a couple of “Lord have mercy`s” and a lot of holy shljivovitsa, we continue our journey.

We manage to see a couple of the brain-dead exercise their new freedom of arson, and by the looks of the destroyed tombstones in the Orthodox cemetery, others are trying to kill the dead Serbs. One of the brain-dead explains to us that they are very happy today because now they have freedom and human rights. In the old days when they raped a young Serb-Amazon-bitch, they were put in jail, imagine that..(!) The successful entrepreneurship in the drug and organ harvest industry was prohibited and every time that we commit an honor killing, our freedom of movement would be restricted to that of a jail cell. Finally the Shipftars had enough, we had to revolt and demand our rights, says the brain-dead.

We leave the brain-dead still rambling about their happy days of freedom and human torturing rights behind us and continue to Djakovica, where we meet up with four lovely Serb-Amazon-Nuns.

They tell us about the situation in Djakovica:
Police and Pristina institutions of the brain-dead have banned around 120 Kosovo Serbs from visiting the graves of their loved ones on the Orthodox All Souls' Day.

According to the nuns, the movement of Serbs in KiM is being restricted for the umpteenth time in years and they are banned from visiting their homes and cemeteries.

Once again, Serbs will not be allowed to pray in the Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary in Djakovica, just as they were prevented from doing so on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Before 1999 in Djakovica there were 12,000 Serbs, today the only Serbs left in Djakovica are the ones you see here before you, the four of us, the nuns said.

“Today, Serbs are the only nation in Europe which cannot visit their churches and the graves of their deceased. Until this has been brought to an end, there will be no conditions in Kosovo for co-existence and reconciliation.

Asteric & Obelic have now collected so much information that they find it necessary to get back to their Northern fortress and quickly release all this info before some of it manage to slip through into a darkness of oblivion.

The Serb-Amazon-nuns are asked to come and stay in the Northern Fortress of the Serb Kosovo Druids, but the Nuns refuse to leave the Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary in Djakovica

Out of 12 thousand Serb inhabitants there are now four of them left. According to the Brain-Dead, all of them left because they were criminals and they also feel unfairly treated since there are no more young Serbian Amazons left to be raped. The Serbs are very unfair to us Shipftars, is the common comment of all Brain-dead.

Den Galna Serben

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