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Asteric & Obelic in: Freedom of Poop!


The ethnic cleansing in the Balkans continues and all European politicians who are so terribly keen of the human rights in the world , choosing to focus on things like animal rights and the shape of a cucumber to be sold in the EU.

Every opportunity to pull off with a cheap kick on Serb balls are happily been used because this is guaranteed to give extra points from Master Weapon & Money Honey EUSA.

The fact that barely 100,000 Serbs have to run a gauntlet to avoid bricks, bullets and hand grenades in their own country, seems to be of minor importance. In today's Kosovo all residents have the right to a decent and humane life until proven  SERBs .

The ethnic cleansing that started more than a century ago is now in its final stage. Like the comic strip Asterix & Obelix , and its Gallic population that was surrounded by the Romans , so does now only a minimal part of Kosovo Indigenous population remain in the northern parts of Kosovo and totally surrounded by a racist crowd of enemies that basically has a licens to kill everything that seems to be of Serb origin.

The Serbs that only 100 years ago were in majority across Kosovo , now represents less than 10% of Kosovo's population . All others are dead or cleansed and displaced. Only Asteric and Obelic together With some brave druids and some amazons are left .

Asteric and Obelic are now left to their own destiny , since not even the country of Serbia may offer its residents  help and protection.  A task the occupying power has assigned to an awkward EULEX to provide.

The part of this country which Master Weapon & Money honey EUSA Corp. . occupy.
The part that Master Weapon & Money honey has chosen to give away to a people who allready have their own country. The part that like Dallas is a part of Texas, is part of Serbia, IS SERBIA .

KOSOVO , in this northern part, where  Asteric and Obelic with their Serbian druids are completely left to the mercy of their own faith. Here in this part they live in the hope that the Serbian Druids will one day invent a potion stronger than the Sljivovica that will give Asteric and Obelic an opportunity to go to the shithouse without armed escort !

By Den Galna Serben!

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