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The Horrible Serbs invading Krajina 1578!

Asteric & Obelic ancestor "Militar Krajinic" mobilise the Serb goat "ovan",. stops running away from his Amazon "Mamica Jebanic" and prepares his most loyal and modern transportation, the wheel-less "Magarcic Donkic", for a ruthless invasion of the "independant" country of "Croatia". Krajinic brings a couple of his pets "pigic", "Kowic" and "Dogic" just to name a few and of course the druid "fakkdapic" has to tag along and make the secret, magic weapon "Shljivovitsa". This is the secret of the Serbian success in war after war. Thousands of years the ancestors have been using this weapon of massdestruction or as our druid calls it, "Yummy Joy".

In a few weeks they reach Krajina and now starts the hunt for the Croatian Ustasha. Krajinic is running from hill to hill, climbing mountains and diving through lakes and ponds...Ustasha or even a simple Croat are nowhere to be found. Dissapointed he starts to realise that the entire Krajina is empty..............There is no ustasha to be terrorised by the savage Serb and so Krajinic settles down, starts to massacre a couple of cockroaches in deep frustration and awaits the inevitable childcreation the Amazon Mamica is going to force upon him.

During the celebration of the anscient Serbian druid "Jesus Christic", the Krajina village got visitors. Turns out its the Emperor of Habsburg and the Serbs of the Krajina village were jumping out of joy. The emperor brought an army with him and the Serbs see here a chance to finally kick some ass. However, this was not going to happen. Emperor of Habsburg explains to Krajinic that this "Krajina" is empty because its a bufferzone. The Area is administered from Vienna, but all the Serbs are welcome to stay here if they are interrested to kick some muslim ass....The serbs started to jump joyfully again realising that they will be able to fight, be killed and tortured again and maybe very soon...

The Emperor of Habsburg also pulls out a stone on which the latest news are carved out. It says "1995 is the year when the Croats will call you invaders and want you to leave". But before that you will be able to be butchered as much as you like, as long as you stay here in Krajina and defend the rest of Europe from the Muslims, said the emperor. And so, the ancestors of Asteric & Obelic stayed, got butchered, beheaded, put on wooden sticks to enjoy endless pain and some good days they were even VIP-guests in Hotel Jasenovac, but they never stopped fighting.

Today 2013, Asteric & Obelic gets secret informations from a Serb agent stationed in Himalaya beach about a top secret operation that will take place in Krajina and under the name of "Operation Storm". The agent claims source is high ranking officer of the American BJ association and the officer leaked this  top secret during a naked whipping contest in a house claimed to be white and oval.

Asteric & Obelic rushed to the Serbland called Krajina, however the Storm seemed to have passed. There was not one single Serb to be found in the entire Krajina area. Obelic twists the arm of one druling ustasha and finds out the Serbs are ethnically cleansed from this area 1995. -Thats impossible, said Obelic. But the poop - look a like Croat-Ustasha insisting. - Yes its true, but we had help. NATO and some 20 countries helped us, otherwise we woulld not be able to fullfill the operation. Obelic placing one precise kick in the manhood area of the poop look-a like and she was just about to finnish him off when Asteric managed to get a hold of her and pull her away. - It must have been some communication error and a slight delay in the information received from our secret agents, said Asteric. Krajina is TOTALLY SERB FREE now. The Serb Krajina is ethnically cleansed, all the Serb houses are burned down, valuables have been stolen by Ustasha. Did the civilised and humanitarian world lift a finger to help the Serbs? or are they involved in the cleansing? Are the Serbs brought to the Colloseum of this modern Rome, to entertain the sadistic elite as gladiators in their arena? Where is the Serb population?

With these questionmarks Asteric and Obelic returned to their Northern part of the OLD Serbland to continue the resistans against the ockupying Master Weapon & Money-honey and their Analbanian drugmaffia.

By Den Galna Serben

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The Krajina Serbs In 1578, almost a half a century before the first Pilgrims sailed to America, the Serbs were invited to settle in then desolate area of Krajina. (SEE THE MAP.) Ever since then Serbs were majority population in the region. Krajina - the Military Frontier - was a place of constant battle and the Serbs endured centuries of struggle... Atop of that, during World War II, at hands of their Croat neighbors the Serbs were subject to the most bestial genocide Europe had known. Once again, miraculously, some Serbs have survived...

One third of Communist Designed Croatia - is Serbian land
Reading Western press one gets impression that the Serbs settled in Krajina recently. The media keeps calling these Serbs "Croatian Serbs" and says that the Serbs "occupied", "grabbed", "conquered", etc. this land. As evident from any major reference book the Serbs were invited to settle in Krajina in 1578. Ever since Krajina was independent and separate entity from Croatia. Only since 1941 (during Croat Nazi occupation) and after 1945 (during Croat Communist Tito's rule) was Krajina assigned to be part of Croatia.

The Big Lie is live and well. The "Ministry of Truth" is working full speed. Orwell's fear expressed in his novel "1984" is becoming true... Very little of what is really happening in Croatia and Bosnia passes the censhorship of the Big Brother. Glitches can be found though. Here are some out of some 50, or so, articles which dared utter the truth (and that refer to the above statements):

Never Forget Jasenovac!
During WW2, the only place in Europe having special camps for children was Croatia. 
From Dec. 1941 to April 1942 In Croatia and in Jasenovac in particular, the ustasha killed 19 000 children of which the identity is known and later confirmed.

Croatian Parliament June 28, 1990
On St. Vitus day in 1990. Croatian Parliament adopted amendments to the 
Constitution that Serbs cease to be a constituent nation of Croatia. 
That was a signal for a Christalnacht and Serb hunt to start.

Vukovar, Croatia May 1991
What exactly did happen in Vukovar
A selective silence. When the British government slapped a sanctions ban on a photo exhibition showing atrocities against the Serbs, Joan Phillips went to Belgrade to get the full story

Gospic Massacre! (Croatia) Oct 1991
Between 16 and 18 October 1991, 24 Serbian civilians from Gospic in Croatia were slaughtered. Croatian forces killed the 15 men and nine women with guns, knives and sledgehammers,doused the bodies with petrol and set them on fire.

Rape! The(In)human shame!! Jan 28, 1992. Sisak Croatia
 I left Germany on 26 January. On 28 January we were stopped by [Croat] police on the highway, a few kilometres away from Sisak [Croatia]; they checked our passports and six of us, four girls and two men, all young, were forced to step out. The driver was told to drive on. He complained and he was beaten and maltreated and eventually had to leave without us.

Massacre in Sijekovac! March 25, 1992
All had begun on 25 March, when the whole Martics family had been liquidated, and when more than 20 civilians had been killed on 26 March in Sjekovac

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Ustasha Crimes Against SerbsThe Ustasha (Croatian Nazis) planned and executed a bloody war in former Yugoslavia. Their only aim was to grab as much land as they coulld by killing, exterminating and expelling the Serb population living in areas inhabited by Serb people for hundreds of years. Every attempt from the Serbs to try and show that Serbia and Serbs do not have any ambitions to start any wars and create any greater Serbia is in vain...the world is listening to the Nazi Croatia

Muslim and Ustasha Attack on Serbian Refugee convoyCroatian ustasha Black Mamba unit joined Muslim units from the Muslim 505 brigade just a couple of kilometers from Serb controlled areas which these poor refugees were trying to reach....

Genocide 1941-45 and 1991-? (1-8)Avramovic sharing her life experience and the lifetime collection of informations about Genocide on Serb population. A witness herself of the Ustasha death camps, a lawyer, survivor. She is throwing interresting punches about a little of everything. Very interresting. English subs

2007 Vatican: "Genocide against Serbs not illegal"
Cardinal Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State: “Vatican takes care of its victims”….unless they are Serbs [Orthodox Christians], Jews, and Roma.

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