lördag 15 mars 2014


I apologise to Hitler, Ghingis Khan, Osama Bin Laden, Bill Clinton, Idi Amin,  Lucifer, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Habsburg Empire, Thaci,  Ustasha, Nazi, Nato, Communists, Bosnian Muslims, Mujahedin, Albanian Squiptars, Ali Baba, mufti pufti, Al Shabab, El kebab, Kermit the Frog, Donald Duck, Count Dracula, corrupt politicians, world mafia, rapists and murderers.  Next time I am approached with criminal intentions from any of you, I will try much harder to please you.

Slovenia: Your nation is lead by cowards. You fight in the same brave sissy manner as the Jihadists, pushing women and children in front of you and shooting above their heads. I am sorry that the killing of hundreds of unarmed conscripts did not help you to become brave. I truly wish for and pray that also you will be able to, in a near future, get the Nobel price for promoting bravery in the world.

Croatia: I am so sorry for all the poor Croatian Ustasha not having fulfilled their goals and dreams of exterminating all Serbs on the planet. I understand that creation and management of camp Jasenovac was such a hard work and a mental challenge of huge proportions. The failure achieving the goals of that enterprise and having reached only 700 000 slaughtered Serbs in that camp, was such an incredible pain and mental suffering on the Ustasha mind, and I am offering you my deepest sympathies. But hey, you still have the Serb-cut, the knife that you copied from the Muslims and perfected into your own weapon so that you could save bullets, that’s a performance worth being proud of. Then you also have the operation “STORM” that you can pride yourself of. You managed to kill ONLY 2000 old grandpa:s and some dangerous women and children. Sure, you weren’t able to slaughter all the Serbs in that operation and I am sorry for that, but at least now all of your secondary dream goals are fulfilled, you are totally Serb free. Don’t worry about your historical origin, I will not spread out anywhere that you are Serb having a Catholic faith and speaking Serbian. I will do anything you might request of me if only you will please……
accept my dearest apologies for not being dead yet.

NATO & EUSA:  I am sorry for not being bombed to death. Next time you want to bomb me, you should approach me first. There is no need for you to hire Albanian and Muslim spies in helping you with guiding your smart bombs. Your bombs are smart but unfortunately the Albanians and Muslims are not. You don’t have to use expensive airplanes. Simply give me the cheapest bomb that you have, show me how to detonate it and I will do that for you. Don`t worry about your depleted uranium, I will guard it with my life. I continue to do my best in helping you achieve your dreams. The mafia center Kosovo is already been handed over to you. The gay parades are being introduced..and yes, I have to applaud you for inventing such a brilliant idea of exterminating the Serbs. The Serbs are already being fucked, so if we can make sure they only get fucked in their ass then no more mini Serbs are going to be born. Brilliant!!!!
The soap “Big Brother” is another brilliant and innovative idea coming from you, and its working. The Serb is paralyzed by it and you can freely run around and take everything that we have of value in our country. The Serb is busy watching “Big Brother”. As you can see, I am doing my best to please you and hopefully the failure of your bombings will be compensated by the actions taking place now. My sincere apologies for all of the mentioned failures on my behalf and a wish for a speedy recovery of your beasty and joyful bombardments, merry Christmas and happy new invasions!!!

Squiptari (Albanians) I have no more daughters to offer your rape-campaigns.
The keys to my house are on the doorstep so you don’t need to brake the door in your attempt to steal my house. Don`t bring your own weapon to kill me since I already have a gun in my house which you can use. I will not be able to clean the gun after you shoot me so that is a problem that haunts me since I know that I am leaving such a horrible mess for you to clean. Please forgive me for not just shooting myself which I would do if I could find a way to clean the mess on the floor my blood will make after Im shot.  Right now I suffer from” post organic syndrome” which is a mental stressful illness of not having unlimited amount of organs in my body to please your demands of your organ trades. There are still a few Serbs and a few monastery`s and churches left in Kosovo. If you will let me know when you get your next desire to rape, harass and vandalize, I might even be able to help you by collecting the few Serbs left in Kosovo and have them gather in the church of your choice to burn and vandalize. You will never become a civilized nation and I am not able to help you in achieving such a goal. But hey, you have all that heroin and by using just some of it, you can become anything you want! Kosovo is not Albania, Kosovo is Serbia and I am sorry, but I will have to take it back one day,
so please forgive me for not being dead!

Muslims (Bosnjaci) I am sorry that you are so brainwashed and ignorant that you don’t know who you are. The only virgins you are meeting in your heaven will be the ass of Mohammed and Osama, and unfortunately those ass`s are not even virgin. Shame on Allah for not sending you an email about that. You have to hide your wife in a body sack and I am really sorry that you had to stone your own daughter to death because she was showing her toes. If I had any virgin daughters, I would make sure you could have them to play with in your harem. But sadly all of my virgin bitches got raped and so they are not virgins any more, shame on them!
I will let you behead me a couple of times and I hope that will please you. And if that’s not enough then you can impale me as much as you want, I will even enjoy the pain this causes. And I am truly sorry if I die to quickly and don’t suffer long enough.

I apologize for having caused all of you such horror and pain by not being dead already.
But I will NEVER apologize to ANY mother-fucker for being a proud SERB!

Den Galna Serben

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