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Asteric & Obelic about multiethnic society!


 A multicultural society can only function when you manage to integrate "Multi" with the Swedish culture. The Swedish culture , law and the Swedish society must be respected and accepted. The Serbs Asteric and Obelic are living in the Swedish society since 1960:s. The Swedish industry needed reliable and loyal manpower. The Swede simply went home to Asteric & Obelic who then lived in a country called Yugoslavia in Southern Europe , and asked the couple to come to Sweden and be part of building up the Swedish welfare state .

Asteric & Obelic knew well the Swedish Serbia since the ancestors preserved the stories of ancient Asteric o Obelic wandering off to the most nordic parts of the Serbian Land. Ancient Asteric & Obelic got a bunch of kids with their Amazons and these children chose to call their birthplace for Serbvik (later Svea rike , and today Sweden ) , and themselves Serbviks and eventually the Vikings .

Having the descendants of the ancient Serb now come to visit, get Asteric & Obelic to burst into such a joy crazies that druid Grujo must pick up the sacred potion Sljivovica for the couple to cool their senses . After taking a couple of pots potion and some roasted boar, Asteric & Obelic decide to adopt the Swede's proposal and the day after they start travel to the northernmost parts of the ancient Serb country known today as Sweden .

In the beginning Asteric & Obelic tries to explain to the Serbian Swede that he must speak Serbian so the whole world can understand what he says. But after a while they give up and let the Serbian Swede prattle on with his incomprehensible dialect. Or as Obelic puts it "If He can not speak Serbian, it may not be very important he has to say ." We got here to start building people's wellfare and so it was just to roll up our sleeves and start sweating.

The Serbs were working on and behaved, adapting to this northern culture. He even joins in to the celebration of the Serbian druid santavic . A custom that these northern Serbian Swedes have embraced . Today , he is apparently called Santa . Also, this northern Serbian Swede have obvious problems with timechronology . He celebrates the Serbian druid Jesus Christic birth as the beginning of this world. Asteric & Obelic have nothing against this tradition since it only gives reason to pick up the sacred potion Sljivovica more often.

Asteric and Obelic become friends with Rune Serbianson. As soon as the opportunity arises they visit Rune and offers the sacred potion , wild boar steak and cevapcici . Rune seems to be pretty poor as he usually eat a fish that in some mysterious way, have turned sour in all the closed canned food. Obelic seems to like this smelly fish but , Obelic fell into the cauldron with the sacred potion when she was very small, since then she is eating and drinking anything.

Obelic & Asteric children , Asteric and Obelic attend school and begin rambling with an equally incomprehensible dialect as the Northern Serbian Swede . Serb and Swede children socialize and exchange Sljivovica and the Swedish miracle drink Moonshine with each other.

Time passes and the Swedish welfare state is realized so much that the Serbian Swede decide to bring in a new people called refugee. This refugee may come here and be taken care of by the people's welfare system . The Serb think it is ok to try to help this refugee who apparently did not speak Serbian where he lived previously . The Refugee speak a dialect that sounds like when Obelic have a pair of underwear in the jaw. This refugee belongs to a sect called Islam . And this sect apparently tortures children by cutting their genitals . - No wonder they have to flee , said Obelic .

This refugee seems very randy as evidenced by the birth of a lot of mini refugee. The Amazon this refugee mate with are either extremely beautiful or look like a monster . No one knows because this refugee Amazon is completely covered in a sack refugee calls burqa . It does not appear that this ethnic group refugee would adapt to the northern Serbian Swede rules. They do not socialize well with the north Serbian Swede , but they love to mate with the North Serbian Swedish Amazon. This Refugee seems to be a very angry group of people and do not want the Swede to insist on their rules and Swedish culture. The Swede agrees to tone down its northern Serbian Swedish tradition. And let refugee mistreat their Amazons and maintain their own tradition " honor killings ." The various political sects in the northern Serbian Sweden are competing to see who can satisfy refugee most and best .

The Swede is now joining the egocentric , elitist Union (EU) and transferring power to the Master of Guns & Mony honey . When this union was led by shwabo ( nemac , Germanic ) , German then this leader determines that Yugoslavia will cease to exist. Since the Serbs have a dangerous weapon in the sacred potion Sljivovica, the Shwabo determine the Serb must be eradicated .

A pact starts to form , EUSA , Nazi NATO, the Ustasha and Sharia are now ganging up against the dangerous potion drinking Serb . The pact is called Master of guns & Mony honey EUSA Incorporated. Somehow, even the northern Serbian Swede have been persuaded to fight the Serb and Swedish political druids begins with the Swedish media machine its witch hunt against Asteric and Obelic . There seems to be no rules in this witch hunt. The Swedish political druid is incredibly creative in his efforts to be accepted by Master of Guns & Money Honey . Even the Islamic world must realize how clever the North Serbian Swedish political druid is . Statements such as " genocide", " Serb war criminal " gives lots of extra points , and the Swedish political druid can get a caress on the buttock of a high ranking Taliban as gratitude. Master of guns & Mony honey can even send Christmas cards as appreciation for the wise efforts in the violent rhetoric armed smear campaign against the Serbs .

Swedish politicians must find other ways to fish for votes from the Islamic population in Sweden. Swedish politicians should renounce their membership in the brown nose sect which is an association for all CIA Wannabees . All immigrants in Sweden will accept a Sweden that cherish its culture, identity and dignity. A Sweden which does not inspire false hopes. A Sweden who dare to be Swedish with all its inhabitants without running with false advertising of communities within the society. Only with such CLARITY in its policies , will Sweden have a multicultural society where all residents can proudly call themselves Swedes . A society where Asteric & Obelic in peace , proudly can take its sacred potion Sljivovica .

By Den Galna Serben

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